Management buy-out of Corestone

Corestone Investment Managers has concluded an agreement with its parent Robeco on a management buy-out (MBO) of the company. The MBO means that Corestone is now a fully independent, employee-owned company and no longer part of the Robeco Group.

The MBO enables Corestone to pursue business opportunities in market segments and geographical markets that are outside of Robeco’s strategic scope, better leveraging its process, people and in-house developed analytical platform.  

Martin Mlynár, CEO and co-founder of Corestone: “More than ten years of successful cooperation with Robeco allowed us to build the most desired fiduciary pension fund servicing platform in the Dutch market. We are now entering a new phase. On the one hand we are looking forward to continuing our successful strategic cooperation in responding to the shifting dynamics in the Dutch pension fund market. At the same time, we will start to leverage our highly-experienced, skilled people, as well as our enabling process and tools, in offering our range of services in additional markets in Europe and beyond.”

Corestone’s MBO will not change the operating model of Robeco’s fiduciary business in the Netherlands. Corestone will continue fulfilling its role of multi-manager towards integrated fiduciary mandates, and Robeco and Corestone will continue to cooperate closely in this market.  


About Corestone  

Corestone Investment Managers AG, founded in 2007 in Zug, Switzerland, is a multi-asset multi-manager with invested assets totaling over EUR 31 billion (c. CHF 36 billion) as of June 2018.  

Our core capabilities focus on external manager research, selection and portfolio construction.  As the selection of the best asset managers doesn’t give clients the best portfolio Corestone focuses on constructing portfolios consisting of the best combination of managers instead of simply a combination of the best managers.  

The company works with its clients on a tailor-made basis; for example supporting asset owners, CIO’s in their integrated & fiduciary responsibility. Corestone supports asset owners executing their strategic investment decisions, institutional clients such as pension funds and family offices with overall integrated portfolio monitoring and risk systems, and offers additional services such as SRI integration and online risk, compliance and exposure monitoring.  

Corestone’s portfolio construction process, backed by its proprietary analytical toolkit, is differentiating in the industry, delivering clients robust performance throughout the business cycle and providing full transparency on all levels. In the Netherlands, one of the most demanding and regulated institutional markets, Corestone has developed a reputation for high quality output and outstanding results, both in terms of performance and client satisfaction.    

For further information, please contact Martin Mlynár on +41 41 726 8585