Solutions for Endowments

For endowments and foundations, it can be increasingly challenging to find the right combination of advice and implementation to fit existing in-house capabilities and unique investment restrictions and goals. We provide the discretionary support needed to achieve those goals.

The below matrix provides an overview of the roles and responsibilities involved when outsourcing part or all of the investment process.

Our approach to each specific client situation is to understand and identify the long-term investment goals in the context of the endowment’s own specific mandate. We are sensitive to the need to balance short-term liquidity needs with long-term objectives. Those objectives form the backbone of the investment policy, including the spending policy, and help define the portfolio investment guidelines. Spending needs vary, but we are sure to take each charity and endowment’s individual needs and risk tolerance into account when establishing the investment policy and asset allocation.

It is within that framework that the most suitable managers are then selected for the portfolio. Close monitoring of both the individual managers and the overall portfolio ensures the client investment guidelines are not breached.