Solutions for Family Offices

As an independent investment manager, we are free of the traditional conflicts of interest common in our industry. We do not represent our own investment products, instead use an open architecture approach to select the best-fitting building blocks for the portfolio solutions we deliver to our clients.

We support Single-Family Offices (SFO) with the implementation of portfolio construction and manager selection on both aggregate and single asset class levels. The Multi-Family Office (MFO) can benefit from the overall outsourced model, consisting of all elements of portfolio management ranging from Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) to risk management and monitoring.

The below matrix provides an overview of the roles and responsibilities involved when outsourcing part or all of the investment process.

Our process is fully transparent and customizable to each family's unique set of needs. Furthermore, our asset allocation methodology and manager selection process are forward-looking based on thorough quantitative and qualitative analysis, setting the standard of today's asset management.

  • Customised strategic asset allocation to meet client investment objectives
  • Manager selection via an integrated approach to qualitative and quantitative analysis, taken a step further through bottom-up analysis
  • Access to a wide range of specialist asset managers
  • Sophisticated approach to portfolio construction, implementing diversification with complementary, low-correlation investment vehicles, delivering excess return with controlled risk
  • Integrated risk control at the portfolio level and insight into individual manager positioning
  • Regular comprehensive Management Information Reporting