We continuously seek to leverage the latest, most sophisticated technologies to further enhance our proposition, with regards to investment support and client interfacing & communication.

Investment support

With a proprietary investment decision support platform aggregating data in one centralized framework, we follow a qualitative investment process, heavily supported by data. Here are a few examples illustrating that approach:

  • Manager Research: We aggregate the best manager research databases to systematically look for outstanding managers
  • Manager Selection: We slice and dice our managers’ portfolios to make sure to understand every aspect of their investment strategy
  • Portfolio Construction: We check our multi-manager portfolios for complementarity of investment strategies, to ensure that each manager provides a unique contribution and that managers don’t cancel each other’s bets (which would make our portfolios expensive trackers)
  • Monitoring: We continuously monitor our managers to ensure that our portfolios comply to the desired guidelines and profile

Client interfacing

“Transforming data into information”: We provide our clients access to our proprietary and innovative tools and services that allow them to see how their investments are performing and provides actionable, data-driven insights for better investment decision-making.

Whether it’s so-called robo-advisory or management information reporting, providing portfolio transparency has always been a guiding principle, keeping the clients informed on an ongoing basis of their risk exposures.

On top of that, before understanding what one has, one needs to understand what one wants. Whether it’s for our institutional or wholesale clients, we follow a similar approach to modeling goals in a way that is straightforward enough to allow a quality dialogue.